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There will be no middle class revoultion. The propertied classes want stability and perhaps gradual reform even if it means little to no progress. This is the path of stagnation and decline…

not growth and renewal. Things aren’t getting better they’re getting worse the role of government in a bourgeois democracy is not to fix problems but to maintain a minimum level of order. The sands of time stop for no one and when the opportunity for change arises it must be seized by those capable of mobilizing the masses. The working class is staunchly against mass immigration, radical feminism, negro worship, and deviant normalization. They have the numbers needed to smash the state and the interests it serves. The capitalists are corrupt and stupid but with the combination of bad domestic/foreign policy the system will be fragile enough to crumble. That day may be sooner than you realize.

We’re beyond the point of niceties and compromise only radical and revolutionary change at the individual/societal level will create a better future. The destruction of established property relations is therefore vital to any revolutionary. There is nothing sacred about the “middle class” when these people are the regime’s most loyal servants. They’ll sabotage attempts at real change through any means at their disposal including moralizing about the so called evils of Marxism. Marxism was the defining movement of the 20th century. The Cold War didn’t begin after WW2 it started with the Bolshevik seizure of power. The legacy of that struggle continues today.

Examine the headlines across the world from the Global Financial Crisis to the collapse of the European Union; the political winds have changed. Red China is now the economic superpower of the era and not the west. Capitalism is in decline and in retreat as people search for new answers. Marx and Lenin are now being recognized as visionaries and heroes even by the bourgeois press. Times have certainly changed and Marxism is beginning to make a comeback.

The label “state capitalism” came into existence during the early years of the Soviet Union to describe Lenin’s New Economic Policy (NEP). The NEP combined private enterprise together with state ownership in a few core industries. This was deemed necessary to rebuild Russia after its devastating civil war allowing the Bolsheviks to consolidate their power. The NEP was later withdrawn in favor of the five year plan as the need for rapid industrialization took priority but from 1922-1975 the Soviet economy boomed. Russia has one of the most advance military defense sectors on the planet thanks to its Soviet legacy.

A nation’s wealth is its people and it’s highly questionable how much “progress” capitalism can deliver. The most attractive white women are from eastern Europe, the most masculine white males are from Russia, the highest academic achievers today are Chinese, and Cuba boasts one of the lowest crimes rates in Latin America. A few trinkets can’t compare to the superior “human technology” communism produces. At it’s apex communism was once viewed as as unstoppable and likely to conquer the globe. No other ideology in history has been as politically, economically, and militarily successful. Sorry capitalists but Marxism wasn’t a failure.

Russia is the only country on Earth capable of attacking and destroying the United States. It’s also the only country actually challenging the international system. That’s no coincidence whatever Russia’s shortcomings they have a future as a sovereign nation. The same goes for other countries that embraced Marxism-Leninism. Russia must teach Europe who the master of the continent is once again. Western Europe would be better off today under a Soviet occupation than under the control of its capitalist liberal elites.

The future is uncertain and while individuals can’t change society they can certainly change themselves. A few highly determined individuals at the right moment in history can reshape the world however. It happened before in the 20th century and it may yet happen again.