The Order of Death


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The 20th century saw every quality of life metric surge upward across the world. The 20th century was in many ways the people’s century. The era had its horrors as well but overall it was a period of widespread prosperity. Some believe the 21st century will be like the 20th except in reverse. In other words the gains of the period will decline and disappear. That process has already begun as we all can see and feel. An education system that amounts to nothing more than propaganda. Kids can’t read, write, think, count, or analyze but they sure can babble on about “racism, sexism, and homophobia”. Declining standards of living and rampant unemployment becoming the “new normal”. Crushing public and private sector debts. Politicians that promise much and deliver little. Banks too big to fail and bankers too powerful to jail. VIP pedophile rings in the corridors of power. The Global Financial Crisis (GCF) whose long term damage is still ongoing. I could go on endlessly but you get the point. I’d contend the situation today is partially worse than previous eras due to …

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Why Marxism Matters


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There will be no middle class revoultion. The propertied classes want stability and perhaps gradual reform even if it means little to no progress. This is the path of stagnation and decline… Continue reading